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Hydro Pardazesh Sanat Company was established in 2015 with the aim of integrating engineering knowledge with the commercial industry and has put the slogan of engineering procurement (Engineered procurement) at the forefront of its activities.

Procurement and supply along with technical knowledge and analytical power is one of the requirements of industrial societies and is always one of the most important mental occupations of industry owners. Utilizing technical knowledge and executive experiences in selecting and introducing the most suitable items tailored to the needs of esteemed employers and the extensive ability of business experts in preparing and supplying final items from different parts of the world and various manufacturers is a solution that Hydroprocessing Industry Company The need has taken over. This company is one of the subsidiaries of the car tunnel manufacturing company, which has had major and extensive activities in more than 100 study, supervision, executive, etc. projects in the field of construction, especially in the construction of tunnels in a mechanized manner. . It intends to be a reliable source for the supply of engineered engineering in the country for industry owners by combining engineering and business knowledge, and hopes to play a useful role in the country’s industry by applying its utmost efforts in this field.

In order to achieve this goal, the main departments of the company are active in two parts: technical, engineering and equipment trade.

  • The head office of this company is located in Motahhari St., Tehran:

    The head office consists of a board of directors, a business unit, a market development unit, a foreign exchange and administrative finance unit with the presence of a business team consisting of business management and business experts as well as market development experts to quickly supply the required quality goods.

Superior and building relationships with their customers have been able to bring the hydroprocessor company closer to its goals.

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